Reference Books for History

Important Books to Read for Preparation to Civil Services.


Book Name Author
NCERT History Books for Classes XI and XII
The Birth of Indian Civiliztion Allchins
The State and Varna Formation in the Mid-Ganga Plains R. S. Sharma
History of India, Volume 1 Romila Thapar
An Introductory Outline to Ancient India D. N. Jha
The Wonder that was India, Volume 1 A. L. Basham
The Wonder that was India, Volume 2 S. A. A. Rizvi
Medieval India, Parts 1 and 2 (Har Anand Pub.) Satish Chandra
Advanced History of Medieval India, Volumes 1, 2 and 3 J. L. Mehta
Modern Indian History Grover and Grover
India’s Struggle for Independence Bipan Chandra and Others
Modern India: From Plassey to Partition Shekhar Bandopadhyay
History of South India Nilakanta Sastri
An Advanced History of India R. C. Mazumdar and Others
Volume 2: History and Culture The Gazetteer of India
Indian History for Prelims (TMH Publication) K Krishna Reddy


Book Name Author
NCERT Story of World Civilization, Parts 1 and 2, for Classes IX and X
Contemporary World History (McMillan Publication) Norman Lowe
A History of World Civilization (OUP) J. E. Swain
A History of Modern Times (OUP) C. D. M. Ketelbey
History of World Civilizations, Parts B and C Burns and Others
Europe since Napoleon David Thomson
The Pelican History of the World J. M Roberts
International Relations Vikas Publications’
Modern World (Wizard Publication) K Krishna Reddy

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